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Ever had some guests coming over, only to glance at your favourite rug stained with years of dust and beverage spills?

We’ve all been there, you’re not alone! A dirty carpet can be more than just an eyesore; it can become a breeding ground for allergens or germs that prove harmful to you and your family.

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Your Trustworthy Solution

In our decade-long adventure of making rugs shine like new again, we’ve honed our techniques to perfection, becoming experts at removing stubborn stains and grime from deep within the fibres. Being fully licensed and insured, you can be assured that we deliver only top-notch rug cleaning service.

The Unseen Problems in Dirty Carpets

A dirty carpet does more damage than simply lowering the aesthetic appeal of your home. Dust mites find their haven in such spaces breeding exponentially while shedding skin which triggers

allergies in sensitive individuals. Stains and grime also form the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould, exposing your family to potential health risks.

Our Solution

Rug cleaning isn’t merely about removing dirt and stains. It’s a comprehensive process that aims at not just cleaning but enhancing the longevity of your fabric while leaving it smelling fresh and looking vibrant as new. Starting with a detailed assessment of its condition, we identify stubborn stains or high-traffic areas needing special treatment. Then comes deep vacuuming which takes out hidden dust mites followed by spot -the hot water extraction methods leaves no trace of pollutant behind ensuring top hygiene.

The solution isn’t just any cleaning; it’s specifically structured cleaning that thoroughly cares for your carpet from root to tip. At Wow Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we tailor our rug cleaning process according to the fabric and condition of it, ensuring each fibre is treated with utmost care.

Onsite & Offsite Cleaning Services

Every carpet is unique; hence every carpet needs caring in its own unique way. We offer both onsite as well as off-site factory regular rug cleaning services catering to the varied needs of our clients.

Onsite professional service offers convenience, right in your home or office, we deep clean them without causing any disruption to your routine. Our team is equipped with portable yet powerful cleaning solutions and tools that bring efficient cleaning right to your doorstep.

For those tough stains and contaminants, or hand-knotted precious exotic rugs that demand extraordinary care, we recommend our off-site factory cleaning services. Once at our facility, it goes through a meticulous multi-step deep-cleaning process ensuring it comes back looking its vibrant best while smelling fresh and clean.

Get The Best Care

Your favourite rug doesn’t need to be a health risk or an eyesore any longer! Let’s ditch those home remedies and give professional carpet cleaning a try. We assure you of satisfaction and guaranteed service. That’s the combination of convenience, hygiene, and longevity for your beloved rug!

The Benefits of Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning service not only maintains the vibrance and pleasant smell of your carpets but also has health and economic benefits. It eliminates allergens, provides a safer living environment, improves indoor air quality, and gives you peace of mind. Moreover, it extends the life of your beloved rugs, saving money in the long run.


Between our visits, make sure to vacuum regularly, treat stains promptly with commercial carpet stain remover, avoid walking on carpets with shoes on and use carpet freshening powder after vacuuming for that fresh scent.

Types Of Rugs We Clean

  1. Oriental– Often handmade and delicate, they require special care. They can be made from wool, silk, or a combination of materials.
  2. Persian– A subset of Oriental variety, these are intricate and often valuable. They are traditionally made from wool, but can also be found in silk and other materials.
  3. Wool – Durable and soft, these are common and benefit from professional cleaning to maintain their luster.
  4. Shag – With their long, loose fibers, they can trap a lot of dirt and debris, making professional cleaning valuable.
  5. Silk – Delicate and often expensive, they require gentle cleaning methods.
  6. Sisal & Jute – These natural fibers can be challenging to clean because they absorb moisture easily and can discolor.
  7. Synthetic – Made from man-made fibers like nylon, polyester, and olefin, theyre durable and often used in high-traffic areas.
  8. Hide or Fur– Including sheepskin and cowhide rugs, they need special care to maintain their natural textures.
  9. Kilim – Flat, tapestry-woven rugs that can be from various regions like the Balkans, Pakistan, and more.
  10. Navajo– Native American rugs that are often handmade and require delicate cleaning.
  11. Braided– Made by braiding together fabric strips, they have a unique texture and design.
  12. Outdoor – Usually synthetic, designed to be more weather-resistant, but they still require cleaning due to outdoor dust and dirt.


What cleaning methods do you use on rugs?

We wash rugs gently using special techniques like soak washing, spin drying, steam cleaning and controlled air drying. This gets them very clean while keeping the delicate fabrics safe.

Do you clean rug stains?

We’re pros at removing tough stains like wine, coffee, ink, pet accidents, and more from rug fibers.

How much does rug cleaning cost?

The price depends on the rug’s size, material, condition, and how dirty it is. We’ll give you a free quote.

Should rugs be cleaned at my home or your shop?

We can clean at your home or take the rug to our shop. For very dirty rugs, cleaning at our shop is more thorough.

How long does rug cleaning and drying take?

Turnaround time varies based on the rug’s size and material. The average is 48 hours-5 days from drop-off to delivery back to you.

Customer Testimonials

“Wow Carpet Cleaning Brisbane certainly wow’ed me! Their thorough cleaning made my ancient Persian floor runner look brand new again!”

  • Jennifer, Northside

“I never thought stains would ever go away. But I was proven wrong by Wow Carpet team!”

  • Andrew, The Gap

“The level of professionalism combined with the friendly service is just unmatched. Highly recommend them.”

  • Susan, Fortutude Valley

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