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Tile and Grout Cleaners in Brisbane

Is it time your tiles and grout were cleaned? We provide Brisbane’s #1 tile and grout cleaning services that are affordable and effective.

Dirty and stained tile and grout can make any property look unappealing. Over time, grime, mold, and bacteria build up in the pores of grout and tile surfaces. This detracts from their appearance and poses potential health hazards.Keeping your tile and grout clean makes your floors shine. But grout can get grimy fast with soil, grease, mold, and bacteria.

Professional tile and grout cleaning solutions keep your flooring looking their best. Regular grout cleaning also helps avoid permanent stains and damage.

Our expert tile cleaners use the latest techniques and tools in deep cleaning your tile floors and walls. We scrub and wash away all the built-up grime, soap scum, and contaminants from the grout lines and tiles. Our process removes embedded dirt and bacteria, eliminates odours, and restores the grout color.

Brisbane tile and grout cleaning provides a deep, restorative clean to revitalize your floors and walls.

After cleaning, we can apply a protective sealant to your grout to prevent future stains.

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Our expert team has over 10 years of experience providing top-quality tile and grout cleaners for homes and businesses across Brisbane.

Our cleaning technicians are fully licensed, insured, and committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

We use advanced techniques and industry-leading equipment to safely and effectively clean all types of tile and grout.

Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions

Regular tile and grout cleaning removes embedded filth and stains, eliminating mold and fungal growth. Thorough cleaning also prepares areas for re-sealing, protecting porous grout and tiles from future damage.

Commercial Grout Cleaners

We offers a full range of residential and commercial tile and grout cleaning services. Our technicians can handle tiled areas, walls, countertops, showers, and outdoor areas. We safely clean all tile types including porcelain, ceramic, stone tiles, and saltillo.

Our commercial grout cleaners removes years of built up grime from high-traffic business locations like restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, schools, and more.

We can clean large open concept floors or detailed intricate designs. Our powerful truck-mounted systems allow us to tackle any commercial cleaning job.

External Cleaning Services

Outdoor living spaces can get dirtier faster from elements like rain, wind, and pollution. Our external pressure washing service cleans patios, pool decks, driveways, garages, kitchen floors, and more.

We use industrial strength pressure washers to remove stains and debris for a like-new appearance.

Other Services Offered

In addition to cleaning, we provide:

  • Mold remediation – Safely remove hazardous mould growths
  • Water damage restoration – Repair grouted spaces, walls after flooding or water leaks
  • Pest control services – Eliminate infestations of pests like termites and cockroaches

Our extensive experience allows us to properly handle any cleaning or restoration need. We work with both homeowners and business owners to improve health, safety, and aesthetics.

Types of Surfaces We Clean

Our extensive experience allows us to properly clean any tiled surfaces:

  • Ceramic tiles and and porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone – granite, limestone, travertine, marble
  • Textured areas like Saltillo
  • Pebble & Glass tiles
  • Bathroom Tiled floors

Marble tile requires specialised care to prevent cleaning agent’s etching or other damage. We use pH-neutral cleaners and low-pressure cleaning methods for safe, outstanding results. No matter what kind of material, we can clean and restore all indoor and outdoor tiles.

Our Quality Cleaning Process

We professional-grade cleaners and high-heat systems to lift grime from deep inside the pores of grout. Over-the-counter cleaners cannot dissolve grease and soil as effectively. Our hot water extraction method removes almost 100% of contaminants.

For very permeable tiles, sealing is critical to prevent staining and etching. Our experts will assess if resealing is needed after cleaning. We apply high-quality sealants to protect your investment.

Severely damaged or unsightly grout can be revived through regrouting. We’ll remove old grout then re-grout joints, leaving a like-new finish. Stripping fully removes heavily soiled sealers or waxes down to the bare material. After stripping we’ll reseal for maximum protection. We also offer anti-slip treatments if required.

Our tile cleaning and grout sealing process includes:

  1. Sweeping and dust removal
  2. Pre-spraying with a proprietary cleaner formulated for the flooring type
  3. Agitating with a soft brush to lift dirt from tile pores and grout joints
  4. Rinsing away dissolved contaminants with hot high-pressure water extraction
  5. pH-balancing and wiping down
  6. Allowing surfaces to fully dry
  7. Applying fresh grout sealant evenly across all lines and tiles
  8. Apply mould and mildew treatment

We take extra care around delicate surfaces Saltillo clay, or decorative tiles. Our process removes stains and restores beauty without any damage.

How Long Does It Take?

Tile cleaning takes 1-2 days depending on the size of your space. We coordinate schedules so you can plan accordingly. Our pricing is determined by the square footage, level of soil buildup, and intricacy of tile patterns.

How Much Does it Cost?

We provide free quotes so you know the exact cost beforehand. As a guide, tile cleaning costs average:

  • Small area (less than 150 sq ft): $99-$250
  • Medium area (150-400 sq ft): $250-$600
  • Large area (400+ sq ft): $600-$1500

Our prices are affordable compared to replacing worn, dirty surfaces. Regular professional cleaning service is a cost-effective way to keep your floors looking their best for decades.


What is tile sealing?

Tile sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to surfaces. Sealants work by penetrating into the pores of porous tile materials like porcelain, grout, and unglazed ceramic. Once inside the pores, the sealant cures to form a barrier that prevents liquid and stubborn dirt from seeping in.

Sealing is extremely important for absorbent tile because without it, moisture and contaminants can stain or etch the surface. Natural stone like marble, travertine, limestone, and slate are especially prone to water damage and staining without a protective seal. The porous nature of these stones allows liquids to seep deep into the surface, leading to permanent discoloration if left unsealed.

What is tile striping?

Tile stripping is the process of completely removing all existing sealers, coatings, waxes, and contaminants from the surface of tiles. Over time, buildup of multiple layers of sealers, waxes and grime can leave them looking dull, dirty and worn. Tile stripping chemically breaks down these old layers and allows the area to be cleaned down to the original bare surface.

When should new tiles be sealed?

Sealing should be done after grout cures, typically 2-4 weeks after installation. Early sealing can lead to sealant bonding to grout.

How often does regrouting need to be done?

Every 3-5 years for most tiled areas. Showers and bathrooms may need it more frequently due to moisture exposure. Regular cleanings every 12-24 months prevents permanent staining or etching.

How can damage be avoided during cleaning?

Use proper pH cleaners and low pressure around delicate tiles. Test chemicals in an inconspicuous spot first.

What precautions are taken for natural stone?

pH-neutral cleaners, no harsh brushing, low pressure rinsing, and proper resealing is vital for safe natural stone cleaning.

Expert Tile Cleaners

Locations We Service

Our professional tile cleaning service all of South East Queensland:

  • Brisbane CBD
  • Northside Brisbane
  • Southside Brisbane
  • North lakes
  • Albany creek
  • Kelvin grove
  • Forest lake
  • Bracken ridge
  • Redland bay
  • South Brisbane
  • East Brisbane
  • Alexandra Hill
  • Bowen Hill
  • Camp Hill
  • Eatons Hill
  • Highgate Hill
  • Mango Hill
  • Sunnybank Hill
  • Holland Park
  • Dutton Park
  • Everton Park
  • Shailer Park
  • Acacia Ridge


Dirty, aging grout takes away from the aesthetic appeal of your home or business.

Our experts offer affordable tile and grout cleaning to restore your surfaces to a like-new condition and improve your indoor air quality.

We use the latest techniques and industrial equipment to thoroughly clean floors, walls, counters, showers, and outdoor areas.

Our experts can handle any material safely and effectively.

Our service removes embedded contaminants and applies fresh sealant for long-lasting protection on your investment.

Contact us today at 07 3184 4008 to schedule service from Brisbane’s premier tile and grout cleaner.