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Carpet Dry Cleaning Experts

There may be times when you cannot wait too long for your carpets to dry. You may be expecting guests soon, or the area may be so busy that you cannot afford to close it for too long. At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we can offer you our dry carpet cleaning services, so that you may obtain clean and fresh-looking carpets in no time at all.

Experience, Licenses, and Training

At Wow Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we follow the Australian Standard 3733/1995 regulations enforced by the Australian government. All of our carpet cleaners are licensed and fully trained, and our company has more than 10 years of experience in providing dry cleaning services.

What Is Carpet Dry Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is a technique that uses little to no moisture in order to clean the carpet. Compared to steam carpet cleaning, it uses 80% less water. It is very popular for homes with many children or busy companies, as the carpets take very little time to dry.

It is also the more approachable solution for cleaning carpets that are not overly filthy but in need of a refresh.

How Is Carpet Dry Cleaning Done

Carpet cleaning uses either cleaning foam or a cleaning powder that is mixed with a cleaning solution. The mix is added over the carpet, and professional brushes are used in order to spread the cleaning solution and dislodge the grime. A vacuum cleaner is will remove the dislodged dirt and remaining cleaning chemicals.

Advantages of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning comes with a few advantages, including the following:

  • It involves very little drying time, making it a family-friendly carpet cleaning method
  • Leaves no detergent or residue behind, as strong vacuum cleaners are used to remove the residue
  • Can prolong the life of your carpets as it removes grime and stains
  • It prevents stretching or shrinking, as it does not use water
  • Leaves a fresh smell behind and improves air quality
  • Very efficient for surface stains

Dry carpet cleaning is the perfect method to use when you have an event coming up and you want your carpets to look fresh very fast.


Dry cleaning will often depend on the size of the carpet, starting at as little as $29 for small carpets. On average, here is how we charge per unit:

  • Studio apartment: $99
  • One-bedroom: $125
  • Two-bedroom: $145
  • Three-bedroom: $165


  1. Does dry carpet cleaning have any drying time?

While very little water may be used, there is still a small amount of humidity that will remain in your carpets. As a result, the carpets will need around 2-3 hours to dry.

  1. Will my carpets shrink after dry cleaning?

No, your carpets will not shrink. As very little water is used, carpets that are prone to shrinkage will be protected.

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