High-Pressure Cleaning

High-Pressure Cleaner in Brisbane

Some surfaces may be difficult to clean, as the stains reach deep into the layers. Trying to remove them the classic way could take hours of scrubbing but can be done in mere minutes with a pressure washer. At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we use pressure washers to deal with a variety of surfaces and stains.

Experience, Training, and Licenses

At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we always use the best tools to offer you maximum satisfaction. When cleaning carpets with our pressure washers, we make sure to follow Australian Standard 3733/1995 in regard to floor textiles, ensuring total cleanliness. We have 10 years of experience in the industry and know exactly how to use pressure washers safely to protect your surfaces.

What Is High-Pressure Cleaning?

High-pressure cleaning is the process of using tools that deliver high-pressure water, usually between 100 and 10,000 PSI. The high pressure will dislodge dirt and grime from any surface, making it an appropriate choice for stubborn stains. Unlike other cleaning methods, high-pressure cleaning can reach much deeper into the fibres and dirty surface layers.

How Is High-Pressure Cleaning Done?

The high-pressure cleaning process involves the use of a pressure washer on a surface that needs to be cleaned. At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we will inspect the surface, and then select the correct PSI.

Pressure washers do not necessarily need detergents in order to, but we will still use a gentle detergent, depending on the surface. This will ensure a better cleaning and will effectively remove contaminants from the carpets and other types of floors.

Advantages of High-Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning comes with the following benefits:

  • Can help you clean a variety of surfaces, from carpets to floors and many more
  • It reaches deeper through multiple layers of filth, taking out dirt and grime effectively
  • Great for removing difficult stains
  • It speeds up the cleaning process
  • It’s eco-friendly, as chemicals are not always necessary

At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we can help you clean a variety of surfaces with our professional high-pressure tools.

Prices for High-Pressure Cleaning

The price for high-pressure cleaning will depend mostly on the size of the surface that you want to have cleaned. Prices start at around $99, but an appropriate price will be calculated upon the inspection.


  1. Won’t high-pressure cleaning damage my carpets?

No, as long as the correct pressure is chosen, high-pressure cleaning will not damage your carpets. At WOW Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we know exactly what pressure to use in order to clean your carpets properly without damaging them.

  1. What amount of pressure should be used for carpet cleaning?

Fort the most part, carpet cleaners use pressure between 100 PSI and 400 PSI for carpet cleaning, depending on the carpet. A sturdier carpet can require as much as 500 PSI for a deeper clean.

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