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High Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane

Do you have dirty exterior surfaces like your driveway, patio, or house siding that drive you crazy? Have you tried cleaning them yourself only to find they look just as dirty the next day?

Our powerful pressure washing system works magic to cut through layers of deeply embedded grim, restoring beauty and function.

Over time, dirt, grime, mold, and mildew can build up on any outdoor surface exposed to the elements. No amount of elbow grease can tackle this tough filth. The solution? Talk to the pressure cleaning experts for gauranteed results.

With over 10 years experience, we are Brisbane’s top choice for superior high pressure cleaning services. Our powerful hot water systems blast away all dirt, oil stains, mold, and other grime from any hard surface. Adjustable water pressure from 500-5000 PSI targets crud while speciality cleaning agents break bonds so grime washes away. The result? Sparkling driveways, fences, decks and more. Protective coatings adhere better after crud removal so treatments last longer too.

We restore your driveway, patio, deck, walkway, house siding, roof, and more to a like-new condition.

Our experienced technicians are fully licensed, insured, and background checked for your protection. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all our work.

Don’t waste another weekend trying to clean dirty outdoor areas yourself. Let the Brisbane’s pros refresh your property with our top-quality high pressure cleaning solutions.

Contact us or call 07 3184 4008 to schedule an appointment today. We service all areas of Brisbane.

Reclaim your beautiful outdoor living space with sparkling clean surfaces.

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Exterior House Washing

Our soft wash system for homes uses low pressure water, specialized house wash solutions, and gentle roof and siding cleaning brushes to lift dirt and stains without damage. We safely restore exterior surfaces like vinyl, brick, natural stone, painted wood, fiber cement, and stucco.

Paver Cleaning

Dirty paved surfaces are no match for our high pressure cleaning system. We adjust water pressure up to 5000 PSI based on material sensitivity, while using hot water and cleaning agents to cut through oil, rust, mold, mildew, food and drink stains, chewing gum remnants, and more on pavers and porous concrete.

Driveway Cleaning

Over time, oil drips, tire marks, salt, and grime build up on driveways, leaving unsightly stains and slippery areas. Our pressure washers blast away embedded gunk at pressures ideal for concrete or asphalt, leaving a clean, inviting driveway.

Deck Maintenance

Decks endure plenty of wear and tear from outdoor use. Our soft wash method for wood deck cleaning uses low 500 PSI water pressure to gently lift away mold, mildew, dirt, stains from food, drink spills, leaf tannins, bird droppings and more without damaging wood fiber. If needed, we can also use oxalic or sodium percarbonate deck brighteners to restore color.

Concrete Cleaning

For commercial and residential concrete cleaning, we expertly pressure wash away oil, grease, rust, tire marks, food and drink stains, chewing gum remnants, and embedded gunk, returning concrete to like-new condition. We adjust water pressure and temperature based on sensitivity.

Building Washes

Our commercial building power washing services safely clean exterior surfaces like brick, natural stone, concrete, metal framework, painted wood siding, and more. We use soft wash methods where needed and take precautions like covering windows, plants, inventory, electronics before washing buildings.

Patio Cleaning

We revive outdoor living areas with pressure washing for stone, paver, or concrete patios along with outdoor kitchens. Our high pressure spray lifts away stubborn stains from food, drinks, mildew, mold, leaf tannins, bird droppings, chewing gum remnants, rust spots, and other dirt.

Roof Cleaning

Over time roofs collect leaves, debris, mold, mildew, algae growth leading to stained, streaky appearance. Our soft wash roof cleaning method uses low pressure water around 500 PSI to lift debris and stains without damaging shingles or flashing. We apply safe cleaners as needed.

Fence Cleaning

Vinyl, wood, and other fencing endures mold, mildew, dirt, bird droppings, leaf tannins, food or drink stains over time. Our fence washing and sealing services prep, pressure wash at 500 PSI, brighten as needed with safe solutions, and apply protective sealant to restore good looks.

Pool Area Cleaning

We deep clean the hardscape around pools and spas, including patios, decks, concrete and paver surfaces. Our high pressure spray lifts away oils, rust, mold, mildew, food and drink stains, leaf tannins, and other dirt to restore a clean look.

Stain Removal

Tough oil, grease, rust spots and other heavy stains are no match for our stain fighting solvents combined with high pressure water cleansing. We tailor methods and solutions to delicately lift stains from concrete, brick, natural stone, pavers, vinyl, painted wood siding, aluminum, galvanized metal and more.

Special Areas

Tennis courts, playgrounds, parking garages, retaining walls, monuments, statues, historic structures, and other specialty exterior areas benefit from our professional high pressure washing capabilities for stain removal and restoration.

Our general exterior pressure washing process inspects surfaces, covers vulnerable areas, pre-treats extra dirty sections, pressure washes using ideal settings, and performs additional spot cleaning and sealing as needed to meet client goals. Core elements include water pressure adjustable up to 5000 PSI, water temperature heaters to maximize cleaning power, eco-friendly detergents for different surface types, rust removers, degreasers, brighteners, and protective sealants. Our techs tailor methods to delicately lift grime without surface damage.


Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways

Our process includes:

  • Initial inspection and pre-treatment of stains/mildew
  • Soft wash cleaning solutions applied
  • Hot pressure washing 5000 PSI/4 GPM
  • Scrubbing with specialized tools
  • Low pressure rinse
  • pH balanced cleaning agents
  • EPA registered chemicals
  • Final inspection and approval

We tailor our pressure washing process to safely clean each material. Our truck-mounted systems provide on-demand hot water up to 120°C (250°F) to maximize cleaning power.


Minimum Call Out Fee$99
Concrete Cleaning
Up to 500 sqm$199
500 – 1000 sqm$299
Over 1000 sqm$0.25 per sqm
Full House Wash (Lowset)$499
Full House Wash (Highset)$599


  • Steam Pressure Washing
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Water Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Pavers Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Mould Removal
  • Rust Removal
  • Gum Removal
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Pavement Cleaning
  • Concrete Surface Cleaning
  • Building Exterior Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Shopping Centre Cleaning


High pressure spray restores beauty and function to all types of exterior surfaces:

  • Concrete, Tile, Pavers, Masonry, Aggregate – Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks
  • Home Exteriors – Siding, Brick, Stucco, Decks,  Natural Stone, Asphalt, Metal
  • Outbuildings – Sheds, Garages, Carports
  • Commercial Buildings – Storefronts, Warehouses, Offices
  • Specialty Items – Outdoor Furniture, Play Equipment, Monuments, Stuco

Trust our high pressure cleaning pros to restore the original beauty of your home, commercial or industrial building exterior!


Minimum Call Out Fee: $99

  • Concrete/Tiles/Pavers/Driveways Up to 500 sqm: $249
  • 500-1000 sqm: $399 Over 1000 sqm: $0.25 per sqm
  • Full House Wash Lowset Home: $475 Highset Home $575

Our Powerful Services Arsenal:

  • Hydroblasting – Uses High Pressure Water
  • Sand Blasting – Uses Air Pressure + Abrasives
  • Soda Blasting – Uses Sodium Bicarbonate Media
  • Dry Ice Blasting – Uses CO2 Dry Ice Pellets

We Expertly Clean:

  • Warehouse Exteriors
  • Office Building Exteriors
  • Shopping Center Exteriors
  • factories
  • Residential Home Exteriors
  • Roofs
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Remove Years of Grime Buildup
  • Eliminate Slip Hazards
  • Restore Drainage
  • Prepare Surfaces for Resealing

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  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Licensed, Insured, Background Checked Techs
  • Latest Cleaning Equipment
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
  • Flexible Booking, Evenings + Weekends
  • Upfront Pricing, No Hidden Charges
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Service Locations

We provide services in all areas of Brisbane including:

  • North Brisbane
  • South Brisbane
  • East Brisbane
  • West Brisbane
  • Brisbane CBD
  • Inner Brisbane Suburbs
  • Outer Brisbane Suburbs

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Don’t live with dirty, stained exterior surfaces any longer. Restore beauty, safety, and value to your home or business with our power washing services:

  • Restore all Surfaces
  • Revitalise Dingy Driveways
  • Refresh Dirty Roofs
  • Renew Filthy Building Fronts
  • Deep Clean Decks and Fences
  • Eliminate Slip + Fall Hazards
  • Prepare Surfaces for Resealing

Give your home the deep clean it deserves. Bring back your property’s sparkle with our top rated power washing!

Contact Brisbane’s professional high pressure cleaning service.

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