How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The EASY Guide to Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Guide to Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Carpets add warmth and comfort to any home. But they can also get dirty, have allergens and smells if not cleaned regularly. So how often should you get your carpets professionally cleaned?

Quick Answer:

To keep carpets looking their best, manufacturers suggest vacuuming them weekly and having them professionally deep cleaned every 12-18 months.

Here’s a guide on making a carpet cleaning plan for a fresh, healthy home.

Things That Decide How Often to Clean Carpets

How often you should clean your carpet depends on these factors:

The Type of Carpet Material

  • Man-made carpets like nylon and polyester resist stains better than natural fibers. Vacuum 1-2 times a week and professionally clean every 12-18 months.
  • Wool carpets easily get stains and matted. Vacuum 2-3 times a week and professionally clean every 6-12 months.
  • Natural carpets like sisal and seagrass handle stains poorly. Vacuum 1-2 times a week and clean every 6-12 months.

How Much Foot Traffic

  • Low traffic areas like bedrooms need cleaning every 12-18 months.
  • Medium traffic areas like living rooms need cleaning every 6-12 months.
  • High traffic areas like entryways and stairs need cleaning every 3-6 months.

The Number of People & Pets

More people and pets mean more dirt buildup:

  • 1-2 people, clean every 12-18 months.
  • Family with children of 3-4, clean every 6-12 months.
  • Bigger families and multi-pet homes, clean every 3-6 months.


Clean carpets more if people have allergies or asthma. Aim for professional cleaning every 3-6 months to control allergens and irritants.

How often should your carpets be cleaned in your home?

Here is when to professionally clean carpets by room:

RoomCleaning Frequency (in Months)
BedroomsEvery 12-18
Living, Family & Dining RoomsEvery 6-12
High Traffic AreasEvery 3-6
Homes with Allergies/PetsEvery 3-6


Vacuum carpeting often between professional cleanings. At least 1-2 times a week for moderate to high traffic areas.

Professional Cleaning Methods

Trained experts use powerful equipment and solutions not available with rental units. Hot water extraction is an effective, truck-mounted method to deep clean carpets. Ask your technician about these options:

  • Hot water extraction – Carpets are pre-treated then rinsed with hot pressurized water to lift dirt and stains before extraction.
  • Encapsulation – Detergents are worked into the carpets then removed along with dirt.
  • Bonnet cleaning – Absorbent pads scrub carpets with cleaning solution.
  • Dry compound – A moist absorbent mixture is spread over carpets then brushed thoroughly and vacuumed up.

DIY Cleaning Tips

While professional cleaning is best, you can make the time between steam cleanings longer with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning:

  • Vacuum high traffic areas daily, medium traffic areas twice a week, and low traffic areas weekly. Use a vacuum with strong suction and rotating brushes.
  • Blot spills right away with a clean, dry white cloth. Avoid rubbing, which can spread stains.
  • Spot clean areas quickly with carpet cleaner solution. Avoid bleach cleaners, which can damage carpet color.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpet overnight to remove smells, then vacuum up the next day.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch on grease spots for 30 minutes before vacuuming to absorb oils.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency For Different Property Types

Here is a more comprehensive table with recommended cleaning frequency for different property types and traffic levels:


Property TypeFoot TrafficRecommended CleaningFrequency (Months)
ResidentialLightFull Vacuum – 1-2 times per week
Spot-stain removal – As needed
Steam clean – Every 12-18 months
Every 12-18 months
Commercial (Offices)LightFull Vacuum – 2-3 times per week
Spot-stain removal – Daily as needed
Steam clean – Every 12 months
Every 12 months
Commercial (Hotels)MediumFull Vacuum – Daily
Spot-stain removal – As needed
Steam clean – Every 6 months
Every 6 months
Commercial (Schools)HeavyFull Vacuum – Daily
Spot-stain removal – As needed
Steam clean – Every 3-6 months
Every 3-6 months
Commercial (Restaurants)Very HeavyFull Vacuum of Floors – Daily
Spot-stain removal – Inspect & Treat Weekly
Steam clean – Every 1-3 months
Every 1-3 months

How Often Should Carpets be Cleaned?


How often should you vacuum carpets?

Vacuum high traffic areas daily, medium traffic areas twice a week, and low traffic areas weekly. Frequent vacuuming prevents dirt buildup.

What’s the best cleaning method?

Professional hot water extraction cleans carpets thoroughly. Steam cleaning units use high water temperatures and powerful suction to deep clean.

When should I call for professional cleaning?

Call pros when carpets look dirty after vacuuming, when stains don’t come out with spot cleaning, and on the timeline above for your home.

What’s the best DIY carpet cleaner?

Look for non-toxic, pet and kid safe carpet spot cleaners. Avoid bleach cleaners which can damage carpet color. Baking soda and vinegar work well.

What do carpet manufacturers recommend for cleaning?

  • Most recommend professional hot water extraction every 12-18 months.
  • For high traffic areas, clean every 6 months.
  • Spot clean spills immediately per label directions.
  • Vacuum thoroughly at least weekly and up to daily for heavy traffic areas.
  • Use carpet-safe cleaners approved for your carpet type.
  • Follow all maintenance guidelines in your warranty documentation.


Regular professional carpet cleaning services and frequent vacuuming keeps carpets looking their best. Follow the schedule above based on your home’s carpets, people, and traffic. Proper care keeps your carpet investment looking good and improves indoor air quality.

Article written with the expert guidance from Gunner Renolds from Wow Carpet Cleaning.