How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

The Ultimate Guide To Carpet Cleaning Prices in 2024

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

So, your carpet’s seen better days? Don’t worry. Not carpet stays clean forever. That’s why carpet cleaning is such a popular service.

You see, regular carpet cleaning is like cutting your hair or servicing your car. It’s a form of upkeep necessary to maintain longevity and quality.

But, the big question lingers in the air – how much will it cost?

A Sneak Peek into Carpet Cleaning Costs

  • Standalone bedroom: You’re probably looking around AUD $80-$100.
  • Apartment: Expect a price tag nearer $120-$150.
  • Household: You could be shelling out anywhere from AUD $250-$500.

Of course, these figures can vary depending on the size of rooms and number of carpets to clean. Prices include GST.

How Much Does Does it Really Cost?

A good rule of thumb is to prepare for an average cost for carpet cleaning is around $30-$50 per room, or $2-$3 per square meter ($6 per square foot).

But remember, we’re talking averages here.

NOTE: Keep in mind most carpet cleaning professionals have a minimum call out fee. So although rooms may cost less, you will have to pay atleast $100 for them just to come to your place.

Estimated Costs

So on a granular level – the cost of carpet cleaning can depend greatly on the size of your room.

After all, a bigger space means more carpet area that needs some love and care!

Talking in numbers in 2024 – you could be shelling out anywhere from $180-$350 for three rooms and  around $300-$550 for a full house.

Stepping into the world of square meter charges:

Let’s say you’ve got an unusually large open-space design or perhaps an excessively furnished area making it hard to apply the ‘per room’ calculation. This is especially true for commercial carpet cleaning services.

In such cases, costs could range from approximately $80-$100 for a small 40 sqm area to about $150-$250 for larger spaces (say 100 sqm).

What affects the Cost Of Carpet Cleaning Services?

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

Imagine driving two different cars – both will get you from point A to B but their fuel consumption won’t be the same.

That’s kind of how carpet cleaning works too!

A lot depends on things like how dirty your carpets are. Expect higher costs if your carpet has been doubling as a canvas for kids’ art projects. Also any specific areas that need special attention (red wine versus coffee come at different price points). The type of carpet material (wool rugs might need extra delicate handling compared to synthetics) and even where you live (transportation and convenience charges, friend). Also whether you include extras like fabric protection is another factor.

Bear one thing in mind though. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning services; quality should be your guiding light rather than just cost!

This investment not only keeps your floor coverings looking great but also contributes towards a clean, healthy home.

So don’t just think of carpet cleaning as choice. It is a smart step towards maintaining a healthy living space.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Here’s a quick low-down on the most popular methods used by professional carpet cleaners.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The superstar of deep cleaning! Jets of heated water dissolve dirt followed by immediate vacuuming up – pretty neat! For deep carpet steam cleaning expect costs around $30-$50 per room.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

Kinda like using steam but only better because it goes deeper into the fibres leaving your carpets ultra-clean. Pricing usually hovers between $40-$70 per room.

Shampoo Method

Think thorough scrubbing with foam solutions that attract dirt particles like magnets – then vacuumed away for squeaky clean results. Costs can be around $30-$50 per room.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses exceptionally low moisture systems making it ideal for delicate rugs or fast-drying needs with service costs typically running from $40-$60 per room.

Encapsulation Method

Here a synthetic product crystallizes soil particles into dry residues which get immediately vacuumed off; perfect for commercial settings due to lesser drying time and costs are approximately $50-$70 per session depending on area covered.

Bonnet Cleaning

Better suited for light maintenance using a motorized machine with spinning pads to do the hard work for you, costing around $35-$55 per room.

Upholstery cleaning

The cost of cleaning your upholstery can vary greatly depending on the size and type of furniture, along with the specific fabric involved. On average, you may expect to pay somewhere between $150-$200 for a larger piece like a sofa or love-seat. A dining chair or ottoman might run you about $50-$75.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Generally, you can expect to pay between $1.50 to $15 per square meter for carpet cleaning in commercial properties. For larger premises (1000sqm or over), the cost is typically lower at around $1.50 per sqm, while for smaller premises (50sqm or less), it can be as high as $15 per sqm. These prices include general carpet spotting, labor, and machinery. But may not cover additional costs like heavy stain removal or special treatments​​.

Cost of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Professional carpet cleaners generally will charge based on the area they’re cleaning or per room. You can expect to set aside somewhere around $30-$60 per room or about $2-$4 per square metre.

Feel like cleaning the entire house? Great! Be prepared for an average total cost from somewhere between $300 and a touch over $600 depending upon the number of rooms and state of your carpets.

Factors Affecting the Carpet Cleaning Price

  1. Area and Room Number: Cost scales with size and number.
  2. Carpet Condition: Dirtier carpets = higher prices.
  3. Stain Type: Tough stains demand different treatments.
  4. Cleaning Method: Dry or Steam
  5. Material: Luxury fabrics necessitate specialised care.
  6. Location: Longer distances may invite additional charges.
  7. Extra Services: stain removal, scotch guard protection
  8. Access: Difficult access can increase labour costs.
  9. Equipment Used: Advanced machinery can incur added expenses.
  10. Off-Peak Discounts: Some reductions might apply in less busy times.


DIY Carpet Cleaning Prices

The Cost of DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you’re on a budget, hiring a pro can be costly. Dipping your toes in to do-it-yourself could be a handy way out!

Cost of Renting a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Renting a good DIY steam cleaner may stretch between $40 and $60 depending upon the machine’s size and brand. Plus, don’t skip factoring in costs for carpet-specific cleaning solutions – you’ll need that too!

Suitable Household Cleaning Products for Spot Treatments

Feeling adventurous? You can start with simple ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda or mild dish soap that are surprisingly effective! Mind you though – always perform a patch test before using any product on larger areas.

Professional Services vs. DIY

So here is the million-dollar question: should you go classic DIY or hire professionals?

Comparing the Quality, Cost-effectiveness, and Results of Both Methods

Let’s get real – rented machines rarely match the might of industrial-grade equipment used by the experts, They reach deeper into carpet fibres to haul out more ingrained grime than what consumer-grade machines can manage.

True – initial costs of hiring professionals might look high compared with modest expenses of renting equipment or buying detergents. But when viewed as an investment towards longer carpet lifespan and saved personal effort & time; pros seem to steal the show!

Lastly – results do matter! For direly-soiled carpets or stubborn stains; nothing comes close to a thorough scrub down by experienced rug warriors (a.k.a professional cleaners). So weigh up these factors before choosing your path!

Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

As we touched upon earlier, two common forms of carpet cleaning are dry and steam. But how in the world are you supposed to choose between them?

Dry cleaning is often quite the misnomer! While it uses less water compared to steam, a certain level of moisture comes into play in most cases. This method involves applying a cleaning solution, then agitating it using a machine to attract surface-level debris which is eventually vacuumed away.

In contrast, using steam or heated water extraction sends intensely heated water deep into your carpet’s fibres that dislodges dirt which then gets powerfully sucked up by high-grade vacuum systems.

Drying Time and Effectiveness of Both Methods

The dry method generally takes less drying time (hence the name!) – often just 2-4 hours as opposed to steam technique’s 4-24 hours range; making it suitable for areas with high foot traffic requiring swift turnaround times.

How to Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Quote

So you’re convinced about hiring professionals but unsure where to start? We have got your back!

1. Steps for Hiring The Best Carpet Cleaner

Start with a local online search for carpet cleaners in your region – check their reviews and ratings on multiple forums. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family could also help.

Once sorted with options: get down into details like what methods they use, and additional services on offer like deodorising or sanitization apart from basic clean-ups.

2. Importance of Getting Multiple Quotes

The best method always is comparing quotes from at least three providers to gauge an average price. Review what each quote covers in terms of services, and use these comparisons to negotiate your way to the best deal.

Remember, saving a few dollars might feel good short-term but also consider the longevity and health of your carpets. Cost alone should never be the deciding factor. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between quality service at an affordable price!

3. Key Questions To Ask A Potential Carpet Cleaner

Ask about certification (importance varies based on region), insurance coverage against damages and satisfaction guarantees offered – because transparency folks, is key! Also, inquire about included and additional services – like will they move furniture or clean prior to them arriving?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered a lot of information, but we know you might still have some burning questions! Let’s tackle them:

Is it best to choose the cheapest carpet cleaner?

While everyone loves a good bargain, the old saying “you get what you pay for” holds especially true in carpet cleaning. Cheaper services may not always provide the deep clean your carpets need or use high-quality products and equipment. It is certainly okay to be budget-conscious, but let experience, reviews, and professionalism weigh just as heavily in your decision.

What is the approximate cost for cleaning 3 rooms?

In Australia in 2023, you can expect to pay an average of around $120-$200 depending on the state of your carpets and specific services required.

Which is cheaper dry or steam cleaned floors?

Steam tends to be a little more expensive carpet cleaning solution compared to dry-cleaning. This is mainly due to its deep-down effectiveness requiring intensive labour and powerful machinery. However, consider how thorough you want your carpet clean before deciding.

How often should a clean my carpets professionally?

Depending on household factors like pets and children; most experts recommend professional cleaning every 12-18 months.

Does the type of carpet effect the cost?

Indeed! Certain materials like wool require gentle care and specialist detergents. These can increase prices slightly compared to easier-to-handle synthetic fibres.

Can I save costs by only spot-cleaning my carpet instead of full-service treatment?

Certainly – spot-cleaning target problem areas only which usually encourages simpler solutions thus lower costs. Conversely regular complete cleans help maintain overall appearance plus stretch out your rug’s lifespan!


Blimey, who knew carpet cleaning had so many facets!

Now you can see clean carpets doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But there are many factors to consider when getting a cost for typical carpet cleaning services.

Remember to do your research and get 3 quotes so you can compare prices.